The winners were winners!

Published February 2, 2017 in Family shoots

Last year I donated a Family Shoot as a prize for a Ladies Day . I am always excited (and a little anxious) to see who will win it -will they be happy with the prize? Will they use it? Will there be a connection between us that will make the shoot ‘sing’?  Well, I could not have been happier. Kristy won the shoot – but I was the winner in the end- what a fun,fantastic shoot! Thank you so much Kristy – I hope to work for you and your gorgeous family again soon.

Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-2 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-3 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-6 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-7 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-4 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-blog-master-12 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-blog-master-14 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-8 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-1 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-10 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-9 Heather-Fitchet-Photography-fotheringham-family-shoot-5

One of my favourites….let me squeeeeeeze all my love in to you…even if you don’t want it!! (Sisterly love!)Heather-Fitchet-Photography-blog-master-15

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