Kirsten and Kendall – The prettiest maternity shoot

Published October 22, 2016 in Family shoots, Maternity shoots

A very special couple, blessed with perfect weather for their maternity shoot. Thank you Kendall and Kirsten for having me capture this special time for you both.heather-fitchet-photography-17 heather-fitchet-photography-14 heather-fitchet-photography-18 heather-fitchet-photography-6 heather-fitchet-photography-16 heather-fitchet-photography-15 heather-fitchet-photography-7 heather-fitchet-photography-12heather-fitchet-photography-24 heather-fitchet-photography-10 heather-fitchet-photography-11 heather-fitchet-photography-9heather-fitchet-photography-13

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